Making life easier for people in business is one of the most honorable roles I can imagine. And Steve Ramona’s personal brand boils down to that. He’s even streamlined his bio to convey his direct objective, as his latest venture, InPhone, takes flight:
“I have been in business for myself for 19 years. Always looking at ways to serve others in their business. I believe the more we can help others the more we help ourselves.”

In my career, I’ve occasionally worked with CEOs who so embodied their brand ethos that they were perhaps the ideal spokesperson for their offering. Steve’s passion and sense of play made this episode so much fun to record. 

The YES, BRAND method is really about the bottom line, the strategy behind the fun and games.

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What I hope you’ll glean from this episode:

  • Sales are about striking a balance between preparation and improvisation. So is the messaging process.
  • If we take ourselves too seriously, we will struggle to connect with our audience.
  • Trust is about revelation. 
  • Humor is about more than eliciting laughter – it’s about establishing trust.  

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