The first time I met Nikki Green – Life & Business Resiliency Expert, Author, and Speaker – was when we sat down for this interview. It was only a month or so ago, but we’ve since gotten to know each other better, and I’ve become a huge fan of her work and expertise. Her new book – Chameleon Mindset – launches February 22, 2023 on Amazon.* It deals with adaptation amidst constant change, and it certainly is apropos to our conversations here on Truth Tastes Funny.

Nikki’s first book is I Laugh in the Face of Danger, and we certainly have our share of laughs in this episode.

*Chameleon Mindset — Are you ready to change your life for the better? Become a master of change with Author Nikki Green’s five philosophies for change in her latest book, Chameleon Mindset!
Purchase your copy today on Amazon!

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00:00 – Intro – Nikki and her 6 Parents
03:08 – Traveling for Work
05:57 – Survival Tips
10:09 – Resiliency in Life and Business
14:05 – Young People Today
19:05 – Bullying & a Vision for the Future

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More about Nikki:

Nikki Green is a Life & Business Resiliency Expert who has been in the international business industry for over 20 years and is a 4x published author. Nikki is an avid traveler, visiting 14+ countries and has completed 7 marathons and dozens of triathlons across 3 continents. She has been featured in USA Today and Podcast Magazine. Nikki has dedicated her life to assisting others to reduce their fear and go after their dreams. Nikki’s greatest passion is empowering young people to reach their fullest potential.