It’s nice every now and then to take a break from all that heavy stuff and just shoot the breeze about climate change, trans rights, and the state of the arts. Of course, those ARE heavy topics – or at least they can be, which is why it was awesome to sit down with Sunny Drake.

Sunny is an award-winning playwright whose innovative and diverse works have been showcased in over 60 cities worldwide. In addition, Sunny is the leader of the CLIMATE CHANGE & OTHER SMALL TALK podcast, which is written by nine playwrights from six different countries and provides a fun and engaging perspective on climate change.

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01:00 – Self-Taught Theatre Kid

05:00 – The Accidentally Normal Trans Non-Binary Childhood

09:40 – About the Podcast

11:50 – The Sound of Our Imagination

16:00 – Creative & Comedy Influences

20:00 – Climate Change

27:00 – Climate Justice

30:00 – Let’s (have a listening) Party!

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More on Sunny:

Sunny’s journey to success was unconventional as he taught himself the craft of theater-making due to a lack of inclusion for trans individuals in traditional theater training. Despite this challenge, he has achieved prominence in Canadian theater and has paved the way for other underrepresented voices.