How do you increase your credibility, attract a following, and become known as an expert in your field? For one thing, you tap into the vast knowledge and experience of my guest, Nancy Erickson, aka “The Book Professor.”

Before becoming a book coach and award-winning publisher, Nancy Erickson had a wide array of business expertise. She formerly worked for both IBM and Oracle Corporations, selling high-end software solutions to Fortune 500 businesses. Faced with a family crisis in 2006, she changed her career direction, went back to school to get a Master’s degree in Writing, taught at the university level, and started the award-winning nonfiction publishing house Stonebrook Publishing.

In 2019, she developed a step-by-step process to help entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and speakers expand their businesses by writing a nonfiction book that can be repurposed in to other revenue-producing products. The book establishes that person as an expert in their field, increases their credibility, helps attract a following, and is the launchpad for expanding their business. Since then, she’s helped hundreds of authors achieve their dream and grow their businesses.

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01:27 – Nancy becomes The Book Professor

05:00 – Intention & The 12 Questions

15:00 – Profit vs Purpose

18:00 – Being Known Through Your Writing

24:00 – Misc Tips

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