Damon Samuria has overcome adversity on many fronts, including surviving the rage of a father whose outrageous expectations he very nearly met. That adversity is woven into his story: it’s the story of a very smart dude who’s been successful at virtually everything he’s undertaken… Of course, some of those endeavors – like building a $250K/week illegal marijuana business – were admittedly dumb decisions. Another paradox lay in his moral compass, work ethic, kind soul, and sense of loyalty…attributes that served him so well that after his 11-month stint behind bars, he was offered a safer, cushier “executive role” – in the crime syndicate with which he was affiliated.

Instead of taking the gig, Damon made an intentional mindset shift that led to working with some of the most well-known business leaders of today. On a mission to give back, he has leveraged his knowledge, skills, and experiences to help hundreds of entrepreneurs wanting to start and grow the businesses of their dreams.

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00:00 – From Zero to $250K/week

03:00 – Overachiever

08:00 – Expectations & Repercussions

12:00 – Brings Your Genius to Work Days

16:00 – Brush with Failure

20:00 – Runaway to Juvie

29:00 – Abuse

35:00 – A Bright Future in Sales

42:00 – Set Up & Taken Down

49:00 – Commitments, Incarceration, & a Possible Promotion

55:00 – Right-Headed, Rebuilding a Family, and Learning the Right Way to Succeed

“My authentic true self has never changed.”

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