In my early 20s, I didn’t really drink, but I’d nurse a rum and coke (that’d never happen now, with my cultured palate and middle-aged body) as I sat at the bar with Colin Quinn, Denis Leary, Dave Attell and Louis CK (whatever happened to those guys, am I the only one who made it??).

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Mr. Challenger Brand explains his idea: a consortium of complementary brands sponsoring a ten-city tour that includes a running web series chronicling the comedians’ adventures on the road as they travel from town to town. “Cross-promotion,” he calls it. “Splitting-the-cost-promotion,” I quip, being cute. “It’s a great idea,” I offer, after the silence.

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Presented by Three Bitches Vodka, this is a feature-length concert full of (drinks and) laughter.  There’s a rumor this is being recorded as a special. Read the full story here. No cover. Cash bar. Specialty cocktails designed by Manatawny Still …

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