At 21, serial entrepreneur, realtor, investor, podcast host, and social media expert John Mendez is deeply passionate about helping other like-minded individuals achieve a life of abundance. Through the power of the mind and social media, John is empowering others to obtain financial freedom and build the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

This was my second podcast convo with John (he first appeared on my Truth Tastes Funny podcast), and I have every expectation he will guest on BRAND VOICE RUNWAY (my niched-down show for 7 & 8 figure brands) before too long.

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00:00 – Sneak Preview

02:15 – Gen Z Social Chops

05:55 – Never About the Money

08:00 – Dropout & Into Real Estate

10:15 – Walk 2 Wealth

15:00 – Stop & Stare, Just Don’t Touch the Hair

19:00 – FOCUS

24:00 – Success is Relative

33:00 – The Mission

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